Friday, September 3, 2010

Consuming Opinions in one week

Interesting: everybody dives in with an opinion, they are all experts on food and flesh...



o beets, a "stand apart" image, introductory

o radishes were "common" - soft pornish

o she liked the more abstract/didn't respond to the humor

o FLESH AS BACKGROUND was most effective - didn't like the blue tones

o liked pressing into flesh radioccio image

o liked small size...images could read more precious (common idea?)

o compare and contrast by shooting in film also


o saw we had 2 ideas: sexy/creepy and playful/clever

both funny and had conceptual depth (as opposed to academic AllThings)

o shown as groups cuz they are NOT stand alone type images

o liked high key pallette

o liked complex design, like reading an alphabet when grouped

o consider floating frame, white frame, big mat

o psycho dimension in sexier ones (pit, neck, mushrooms, chive, ham/cheese)

o liked how they weren't seen as flesh immediately


metaphor for growth/resonating skin with texture

love that color

Best when total transformation...melding food and body and becomes other

(celeric, peanut, potatoes) most abstract

Best when you stop wondering what part of the body and it just IS -

Stuck by mushroom

Combos, ham & cheese with bread picture--the lunchbox series

parts segments interesting -

invitational moments -

expected relationships, and then the unexpected

by the end of series, maybe ALL body parts could be used

OK to crop orange and hair OK plus the melding/embracing sense is good

spuds look like birthing -

nestling in pouring out


violation -

smashed squished, spilled seeds (vs the cut of the papaya/belly/scar)

check out scale -- bigger may be iconic (whole show maybe 5 images)

very large....the figure and form may transform...can the transformation happen large

like sense of no human hand

check out KODAK ultra color film

check ____________Mandlebaum

Marilyn Mintor

Jean Dunning

Peter Greenaway -Drowning by numbers

Glen Gary Ketchum

Ursa Books across from Gagosian (colleen recommends)

Uta Barthes

Dodd Camera Armitage and California

Self Publish-Be happy site

lovely press jon gittleson

Like shriveled -

Like Ambiguity -

Like colors/pallette

conjure different unexpected food combos -

push away from expected food fotos

cut back on centered images

try changing the llighting, which may change the meaning

anecdote: your eyebrows are indicative of your grooming in general, beneath your clothes

check out chinese photographer at Smart Gallery MADE IN CHINA Show who works with


Consuming Ragdale

In February 2010, we spent our Ragdale Foundation residency working on ideas for Consuming Passion.

Meadows Studio

Meadows Studio from east

View from Meadows Studio

swathed in north light

testing, testing, testing