Thursday, October 14, 2010

Collect.give: great photos - greater good

We are thrilled to have our image from Consuming Passion as the latest offering on collect.give.

collect.give was founded in December 2009 by photographer Kevin Miyazaki as a place to collect contemporary photography and donate to worthwhile causes at the same time. The photographers featured on collect.give have pledged to donate 100% of the profits from their print sales to causes they personally support. For details go here.

We pledge 100% of the sales of our print (edition of 25) in support of The Voices and Faces Project. Founded by Anne K. Ream, a writer and longstanding advocate for women's issues, The Voices and Faces Project is a national documentary initiative bringing the testimony of sexual violence survivors to the attention of the public in order to raise awareness of how this human rights and public health issue impacts victims, families and communities. Through photography and stories, the project speaks truth to the often outdated, damaging and limiting notions society has of the sexually violated by giving voice and face to rape survivors. In their recent project, they traveled to Mexico to meet with the women of Atenco, a courageous community of survivors who are standing up and speaking out about the sexual violence and torture that they have endured at the hands of the police.

For us, the use of photography and storytelling in the service of their cause mirrors our own belief in the importance of photography as a way to document injustice, and as a means of personal expression and healing. We hope you will join us in supporting The Voices and Faces Project by purchasing one of our prints.

from the Real Photo Postcard Survey