Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Vegetable Guns

A series of portraits of women holding guns fashioned out of vegetables and other ingredients taken in numerous different countries and regions. The toy-like guns are made by tying together the ingredients from local dishes chosen by the local women who serve as the models. After being photographed, the ‘vegetable weapons’ are dismantled and the ingredients tossed into a cooking pot. The project participants then share and enjoy the meal together. What was the parodying of a war scene turns into a scene of ordinariness and interaction in the form of the sharing of a meal. This project has taken place in various countries around Asia, America, Europe, and Africa. This often-humorous ‘disarmament’ process not only helps build communication with people around the world but also serves as an introduction to various different food cultures. One could say the series encourages the audience to think about peace by gently hinting at the foolishness in hostility and fighting among people.

Graflax from Iceland / New York, 2002

Nam puri / Chiangmai, Thailand, 2004

Katogo (Simmered vegetable with banana), Hoima, Uganda, 2008

The Lunchbox Book

As we Ponder Food as Love, we recall the nine month ritual of preparing school lunches. If only our recollection was of pristine specimens of nutrition, rather than the squished bag and olfactory assault of the remains of each day's offering.

The Lunchbox

Ponder prepared food

Rhubarb who knew?