Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2011 in Review

A collaborative retreat in the New Year begins with taking stock and reviewing


Final edit and reshoot of images for Ponder Food as Love
for studio visit from curator Lisa Hostetler

Focus Project: LOVE  Top 25 Photographers. Through the clever juxtaposition of the naked body with food, Ciurej and Lochman's subtly suggestive photographs investigate ideas of obsession and consumption, ultimately commenting upon our primal instinct to devour a feast laid out before us.

Collab Professional Develmpment Month with Color Management and Printing tutorial with Peggy Wright, Kelby Photoshop/Lighting Seminar and 
Kristen Carter, social media consultant

AIPAD show in New York (BJC)

Women and Leadership Archives, Loyola University
Barbara organizes the Artemisia Archive Event, we add to our archive

International Women's Day Greeting E-newsletter 

Geographically and chronologically diverse examples of infrastructure captured through the lenses of historic and contemporary photographers and artists. Included was work from our "exurbia" series, Corporate Corridors, commissioned for the Changing Chicago Project.

Dinner Party in Chicago Memoir Workshop
In an ongoing effort to preserve women's history, we participated in a memoir workshop, video, website development and celebrations around the 30th anniversary of the exhibition of Judy Chicago's Dinner Party in Chicago. We were members of the Steering Committee from 1979-81 which worked for 2 years to bring the exhibition to Chicago.  See  www.dinnerpartyprojectchicago.org or listen at Women's Media Group, Inc/Coming to the Table.

Reunion and Archive Project. Visit with Barbara Crane

Aline Smithson's blog collection of the many guises of mothers

Archive: IndiPhotobook  submitted All Things Are Always Changing

Birth of Natural History series when L researches cyanotype in her backyard. We work throughout summer using flowers from the changing garden and invoking the good will of Anna Atkins.

Archive:  Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art 
Archive:  Brooklyn Museum Contemporary
Feminist Lens interview with Barb:  Coming to the Table
in Conjunction with the 30th Anniversary of  Chicago's Dinner Party Project

Successful MAM/PC fundraiser
Listening party for Feminist Lens at Bette Cerf Hill Gallery
in Conjunction with the 30th Anniversary of  Chicago's Dinner Party Project

Celebrating the Chicago Artists Month theme, Artful Networkswe joined with other members Stella.
Stella a collective of Chicago women photographers exhibited and participated in a panel discussion at the Chicago Photography CenterThe Stella Art Cart, with mini portfolios of members work, appeared at the Center and at Filter Photo Festival's Portfolio Walk giving away suckers and photo fortune cookies.

Golda Meir Library, University of Wisconsin
Oct. 10-Dec. 30. 2011.

Cedarburg Cultural Center, Cedarburg, Wisconsin 
Oct. 16-Nov. 20, 2011.

Portfolio reviews with Anthony Bannon, Martha Schneider, David Bram, Christy Karpinski, Aline Smithson, Kate Bussard, Mary Virginia Swanson, Chuck Gneich from Gallery 400, Rich Cahan.  Finale Dinner with women photographers organized by Mary Virginia Swanson.

Website Launch and 30th Anniversary  Dinner Party Project Chicago Celebration

collect.give announces the release of a their book celebrating the project's first 50 photographers.All participants pledged to donate 100% of their print proceeds to charities they've selected. Included is an essay about our work by Lisa Hoestetler.

Diann deWeese Smith Memorial 

Guest Lecture, Senior Seminar  class/Colleen Plumb 
Guest Lecture, Professional Practice class/Mary Farmilant 
Collumbia College, Chicago

Thanksgiving E-newsletter 

Soho Photo Gallery, New York
November 3- December 2, 2011
First place winners of Soho Photo's Alternative Processes Competiton curated by Michael Paris Mazzeo. “My top choice was Barbara Ciurej & Lindsay Lochman's exquisite portraits of elderly women adorned with botanical specimens by way of cyanotype photograms. An elegant elegy to old age and the passage of time, this work also nicely references Anna Atkins, an English botanist and the first recognized female photographer, who is credited with publishing the first book of photographic illustrations, Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions."

Getaway weekend for the Soho Photo Opening. Conversation with Michael Paris Mazzeo, Maria Burns,  Lori Nix. Cheslea: Nan Goldin, Richard Serra, Roberto Matta, Hiroshi  Sugimoto,  Uptown: Julia Margaret Cameron,  Magritte, Georges Braque Retrospective. Met show: Steiglitz's Treasures and Steiglitz and his Artists, Lucien Freund and Friends

"The stunning series … Natural History, features one-of-a-kind cyanotypes that incorporate portraiture and botanicals. The juxtaposition of faces that show history and presence with the fragility of flowers and plant life bring a renewed energy to the standard portrait."

Art Miami with Michelle Fire (BCJ)

Golda Meir Library, University of Wisconsin (LLL)
Oct. 10-Dec. 30. 2011

Guest Lecture, The Art of the Book Class/Max Yela
UWM-Golda Maier Library

Dust on the Corner open studio project (LLL)
December 9, 2012
featuring the work of Anna Helgeson, Jon Horvatherin kresol
Dust Settled seeks to celebrate these tiny particles of material life. Follow its path as it dances through sunlight, capture its expulsion from tickled noses and examine its persistent presence in all of our lives.

Dec. 16, 2011- Jan. 13, 2012
Paired with our former teacher Patty Carroll in Tapped 2, an exhibit that recognizes the student-teacher bond

Dec. 2, 2011 - Jan. 14, 2012
Eye to Eye, new work
2011 Correspondence/Applications/New Friends and Resources
Santa Fe Center
Aperture Portfolio 
Art of Photography
Brooklyn Museum Contemporary Art
E. M. Sackler Center For Feminist Art Archive
Center for Fine Art Photography: FOOD
FotoFest Houston
Hey Hot Shot
Humble 31 Women in Photography
Humble Lightside  
Klompching: Fresh
Klompching: New Directions
Modern Book SF
National Gallery Portrait Competition
Photo Lucida/Critical Mass
PDN The Curator
SHOTS Mag: The Body issue
Soho Photo
PhotoShelter pa-photographer@photoshelter.com
Diffusion Magazine/Blue Mitchell  www.diffusionmag.com