Thursday, January 29, 2015

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Slag Mag's Ode to the Tomato
A late summer harvest with this never ending simple tenderness from Ponder Food as Love.

this never ending simple tenderness
Don't Take Pictures    Summer Farm to Plate

The farm-to-plate movement has become increasingly popular in recent years. Consumers want to know where their food originated and how it was treated before arriving in on their table. As inherently curious people, photographers too wish to know more about their food production—and they bring their cameras along.
the handful of earth you are
Don’t Take Pictures strives to present photographers who are actively involved in the creative process of making photographs. The photographers in this exhibition have constructed still lifes, documented production, and dirtied their hands alongside their subjects to show the various stages in which our food exists before it is restaurant-ready. Photographers from around the globe submitted work for this exhibition, and we are pleased to feature this collection of images that is as “free-range” as the edibles it presents.

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