Thursday, July 17, 2014

Restoring the Balance - The Savory Institute

Processed Views comments on changing landscape and topography brought about by industrial farming and food production. There are signs of positive remedies for destruction on the land.
The African Center for Holistic Management began a project in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe using cattle to reverse the spread of decertification and restores the balance and the fecundity of the land. In lieu of reductionist solutions Holistic Management was developed by Zimbabwean-born ecologist Allan Savory following a lengthy personal search for solutions to the land deterioration occurring in Africa and the human impoverishment that always resulted. Using various capital resources, the Savory Institute has create Grasslands LLC to restore land around worldwide.
See Allan Savory's TED talk about fighting desertification.
zones of decertification -- 2/3 of world's landmass

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