Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Artists Ponder Food: Juergen Tellers

For the cookbook Eating at Hotel Il Pellicano, Teller photographed the creations dreamt up in the retreat’s kitchen by chef Antonio Guida, who won the restaurant two Michelin stars during his time there.
Food No.15, Hotel Il Pellicano 2010

Food No.113, Hotel Il Pellicano 2010

Captured in Teller’s recognizably edgy and impish aesthetic, Guida’s recipes emerge as whimsical fantasies bordering precariously on the hedonistic, meticulously crafted artworks to be consumed in the passion of a moment, to be vanished but unforgotten.
Food No.102, Hotel Il Pellicano 2010

Food No.18, Hotel Il Pellicano 2010

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