Monday, November 2, 2015

Exhibition - Martine Chaisson Gallery

Exhibition  - Processed Views  
Martine Chaisson Gallery
72 Camp Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 
December 5, 2015 – January  30, 2016
Gallery Talk  December 11th    4:30pm
Artists' Walk Through as part of PHOTONOLA programming
introducing 44" Fruit Loops Landscape and Enhanced Varieties,
Jello-toned silver prints and Sugar Geology sculpture

We exhibited this new series at Martine Chaisson Gallery.
Enhanced Varieties is a suite of Jell-O®-toned silver gelatin prints 
reproducing Carleton Watkins’ 1889 photograph,  
Lake George Cling Peaches.

Land barons began advertising in the 1880s, encouraging easterners to invest
and settle in southern California. Carleton Watkins, renowned for capturing
the sublime in nature, was hired to depict the irresistible economic opportunities 
of the region. Despite a desert climate heavily dependent on irrigation, southern
California was marketed as a land of inexhaustible agricultural potential. 
Watkins’ photograph of a crate of peaches illustrates lushness beyond measure 
while overlooking the true costs of cultivation where water is scarce. 
We all know the success of this characteristically American marketing scheme. 
Farmers flocked to this region and with the help of agricultural technology, 
grew a new reality – America’s fruit basket. Today we have come to expect
limitless plenty and limitless choices. We offer you this selection of Peaches 
as an icon of technology improving nature, engineered and marketed to keep 
us expecting more. 
Sugar Geology: Sedimentary, Igneous and Metamorphic 

PHOTONOLA highlights
Over the Moon at PHOTONOLA

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