Saturday, December 26, 2015

Pacific Midwest 2.0 Exhibition - INOVA Gallery Features the Milwaukee, Milwaukie Museum

Pacific Midwest 2.0 exhibits the various working methods of 17 photographic artists from Portland, OR and Milwaukee, WI. Similar in size, population, and cultural diversity, Portland and Milwaukee boast vibrant and growing internationally recognized photographic communities while simultaneously fending off their “second city” status to more robust neighboring art markets. Originally exhibited in 2013 at the Newspace Center for Photography in Portland, Pacific Midwest highlighted that Milwaukee, a traditionally smaller art city, offers a climate for the congregation of artists working in a multitude of conceptual and aesthetic strategies to foster a dynamic and integrated community. In this next iteration of the show, Milwaukee welcomes Portland into the fold in order to seek further connection with a photographic community, 2060 miles away, which shares a common multitudinous experience.

In addition to each artist’s individual contribution to the show, Pacific Midwest 2.0 will feature the Milwaukee, Milwaukie Museum, an experimental collaborative experience initiated by the Milwaukee Comma photography collective. Portland artists were invited to respond to their experience visiting the local historical society of Milwaukie, OR, while Milwaukee artists made a response to artifacts witnessed in the Milwaukee Historical Society.  This new museum weaves together the various results from the call to respond, seeking further connection between the artists in the show, as well as investigating where overlap can occur between two geographies that share a common name, but are located thousands of miles apart.
Barbara Ciurej, "Residential Birds of Milwaukee County," Sound Installation

After-Opening Party at our studio with exhibitors from Milwaukee, WI
L to R, Barbara Ciurej, Hon Horvath, Mark Brautigam, Tara Bogart, Kevin Miyazaki, Lindsay Lochman, Naomi Shertsy
Lindsay Lochman, "First White Boy," Christening Gowns and Documents

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