Monday, October 31, 2016

Publications - Processed Views 2016

Following the exhibition of our work at the Houston FotoFest Biennial in March, and the great people we met while doing the reviews at FotoFest, Processed Views was published in:

Changing Circumstances: Looking at the Future of the Planet  
This powerful book about climate change motivates new ways of thinking about our role within the natural environment and our connection   with the rest of the planet. Published by Schilt Publishing, Amsterdam and available from real and online bookshops.

The New Yorker Photo Booth
"For their project “Processed Views,” which is currently on view in the exhibit “Changing Circumstances” at the FotoFest 2016 Biennial, the collaborators Barbara Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman have produced cheeky dioramas that pull Watkins’s iconic images brashly into the industrial modern world. Using all manner of highly processed foods—Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, Coca-Cola, marshmallows, fleshy stacks of bologna—they recreated the photographer’s famous landscapes from Yosemite and other California sites as garish candy lands. A photo of the Albion River in Mendocino, California, becomes a milky pool snaking through rainbowed mountains of Froot Loops; the imposing face of Cathedral Rock, at Yosemite, is reconstructed as a heaping pile of white bread. Ciurej and Lochman first met at the I.I.T. Institute of Design, in Chicago, and have been creating work together for three decades, including previous projects that explore the intersection of the human and natural worlds. (For their project “Ponder Food as Love,” they made sensuous closeup portraits of fruits and vegetables nestled among human body parts: a cluster of grapes perched along the curves of a back; a plump fig resting on top of an eye.) They’ve said that “Processed Views” is intended as a “cautionary tale,” highlighting the cost of America’s industrial food production and “the seductive and alarming intersection of nature and technology.” (The New Yorker)


Discover Society Special Issue with special guest curator Geof Rayner    

We contributed an essay to Imaging/Imagining Anthropocene


ZoneZero: In Search of Lost Innocence: Landscape as Metaphor and Stage

We met Alejandro Malo at FotoFest and he featured Processed Views in ZoneZero’s beautiful blog from Mexico City along with the stunning work of:

Alejandro Malo (Director of ZoneZero): In Search of Lost Innocence

Rasel Chowdhury: Desperate Urbanization 

Marcus DeSieno: Surveillance Landscapes

Liz Hickok: Ground Waters 

Ellie Davis: Stars 

Abelardo Morell: Tent Camera 

Rebecca Reeve: Marjory's World

Jamey Stillings: Changing Perspectives


Family Faith Food

Family Faith Food is a culmination of three online issues from Strant Magazine published over the course of 2015. Each issue considered family, faith, and food individually. Family Faith Food coalesces the three online issue into one print publication and reconsiders how the three topics inform one another.
Featured is the work of 27 photographers along with essays,
photo book discussions, and interviews.
Contributors: Saleem Ahmed, Sophie Barbasch, Samantha Belden, Aaron Canipe, Evelyn Cervantes, Barbara Ciurej & Lindsay Lochman, Sara Clarken, William W. Douglas, Jon Feinstein, Makenzie Goodman, Maury Gortemiller, Amanda Greene, Jesse Groves, Samantha Harthoorn, Dave Hebb, Shaun H. Kelly, Johnathon Kelso, Natalie Krick, Ian Mahathey, Michael McCraw, John & Emily O’Connor, Nathan Pearce, Bradley Peters, Anacleto Rapping, Aaron Turner, Milly West, Kay Westhues, Joel Whitaker, Brooke White, Tara Wray

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