Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Exhibition - FEED zine

Our FEED zine was created as a reaction to the first one hundred days of the new regime.
Barb had been following the Twitter feed @RogueSNRadvisor as a respite from the REAL news.  Lindsay had been exploring neuropsychological marketing by rendering industrial and fast food logos as abstracted feel-good auras. These elements came together in FEED, a compendium of Trump crisis and diet-management reports.
"The notion that decent, well-meaning folks are keeping vigil on Trump from inside the palance walls is a form of escapism, like alcohol or James Bond movies. Properly understood, it's not fake news; it's fiction as self-care."  --Katy Waldman  "Rogue Twitter Feeds as Liberal Self-Care"  - Slate Magazine

The project, #3 of our "political interventions,"  was recently exhibited at Magnum Foundation's AWAKE Book and Zine Bazaar.
also featured at the Ithaca College - ITI Symposium exploring creative, publishing and curatorial work by an international roster of artists, June 30 and July 1, 2017

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