Friday, February 17, 2012

Thinking About the Future and Past Food

Ingenious Stone Age Meat marketed by Bosch....we'd get their refrigerator. See the advertisement on YouTube.

Regarding the future of food, Next Nature tells the story 

"Every time we eat a piece of food, we take a bite out of the world. All these small bites tell a dozen stories. A carton of eggs presents the story of contented hens, a bottle of olive oil the tale of Italian grandmothers. Yet these pastoral scenes barely hide the realities of a food system that leaves one billion people starving and another billion overweight. Moving beyond food-based fictions, how should we react to the truth?"   They have suggested many answers to this question at their website: 
With CandyFab, high-tech confectioners can 3D print with liquid sugar.
Fresh from the Pharm
This Japanese Juice box is camouflaged from modern box designs and tries to convince consumers with its appealing ‘natural’ look. A schoolbook example of biomimicmarketing; marketing a product using images of old nature.
Banana Juice Box

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