Monday, November 7, 2016

StrantMag - An Election Eve Message

Shaun H. Kelley shared this bilious and insightful admonition with his readers at

An Election Eve Message: Junk Food is Bad for Your Health
For this Election Day Eve Family, Faith, Food contributors Barbara Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman have produced this portrait of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for your consumption consideration. If you’ve ever eaten an entire canister of Pringles at one sitting, the last powdered doughnut after you ate the fourth, third, and second to last powdered doughnut — then perhaps this portrait resonates. Perhaps you know the bloated feeling, greasy fingers, and sugar breath. The guilt of indulgence. Red 40 Lake? Yellow 6 Lake? Blue 1 Lake? Make America great again? Fox News Health reported in 2013 that “there aren’t many compliments to pay processed food, but even we’ll admit: The stuff sure can be colorful.” The report went on to state that “the blue dyes can seep into the bloodstream when the skin’s barrier is impaired … or when the dyes are exposed to the mucous membrane of the tongue.” Perhaps that’s just it. Some of us have been impaired by ignorance–an orange film residue on your tongue. What you thought was justified cynicism is actually artificial coloring. Fortunately the report concludes with a solution: read the nutritional labels and educate yourself before you vote eat.

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