Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ponder Food...the best in the world

Moving to the more specific title, Ponder Food as Love, prompted a new wave of research into a sweeter side of our quest. Began with New Yorker's Notes of a Gastronome, an image search for photographs from Albert Adria's elBulli menu and ended with an historical trifle.



The high art of high-tech cuisine or the frivolity of a decadent, self-absorbed culture?
What would an art historian say? Since Warhol, we've come to honor art that criticizes what is most hateful about humanity (materialism, decadence, self-interest, celebrity-worship and mortality). Rococo, may have emerged from a comparatively similar level of wealth and decadence, but it endures. Is unselfconscious self-absorbtion, like youth, is too delightful to pass up?

Boucher, Venus Consoling Love (1751)

Fragonnard, The Swing (1766)

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